Photo Friday – Men

Het is misschien niet de beste foto, maar onder de omstandigheden, met in acht nemen van discretie, het beste wat ik kon doen. Het past in elk geval het thema van vandaag wel: ‘Men’. Deze jonge mannen zijn op weg om échte mannen te worden, volgens de regels van het moslim geloof.

It might not be the best photo I ever made, but under the circumstances and with respect for the young lads, it was the best I could do. It does fit today’s theme: ‘Men’. These young men are on the way to become grown up men, all by muslim-beliefs.

Photo Friday - Men

15 gedachtes over “Photo Friday – Men

  1. @ Gerda, ik wilde vooral ook discreet blijven…

    @ Sjoerd, dat is ook een insteek…

    @ Redstar, geen idee, eigenlijk vind ik het een goede foto, anders plaatste ik hem niet…

  2. These are Muslin young boys, not Hindu. ;o)
    Those hats are known as “songkok”.

    Oh yes, I saw your museum photos taken in Amsterdam.
    You have been busy travelling, haven’t you?

    Sorry, I haven’t been there lately.
    Just that, it’s easier for me to leave my comments here,
    without struggling to verify those words at Photoblog.

  3. @ London caller, I was told they were part of a Hindu group, but correct me if I am wrong, I will recall the text…

  4. No, they are not Hindu.
    I can assure you that.

    Most (well nearly all) Hindu people are Indian.
    Hindu boys do not wear songkok hats.
    The hats are a big giveaway that these boys are muslim boys.
    Also Hindu people usually decorate their foreheads with a dot, known as tilaka.
    But we call it “pottu” in Malaysia. Tilaka is a Hindu word, wheareas pottu is a Tamil word.
    The majority of Indian people in Malaysia originally came from Southern India, where they speak Tamil. Here in the UK, it’s the opposite. Most Indian people are from Northern India.
    Hence Indian food in the UK is also very different to the one I used to have in Malaysia. Well, it’s part of the fun I guess.
    Goggle “songkok”, “Malaysian Indian” you can get more information about another culture (actually two here).

  5. @ KnutzEls, de discretie staat altijd bovenaan voor mij als ik vreemde mensen fotografeer…

    @ natuurfreak, dank je, dat was de insteek en die komt dus over…

    @ London caller, Chinese food in Holland is also not really Chinese, they adjust it to European flavors…

  6. Ha ha I know I have tried Chinese food before in Holland.
    I tried the “normal” Chinese food there.
    I also tried Surinamese Chinese food there, which I have never tried!
    And I didn’t know that Surinam was a Dutch colony. But now I do. ;o)

    Of course, I also tried lots of Dutch food when I was there like herring.
    Ha ha… But I didn’t eat it in the proper Dutch way thou.
    I really love poffertjes! :)
    And also rijsttafel. :)

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