… jawel, de uitslag van de ‘Name that family’-quiz. Komt ie… en eerlijk zijn hè, hoeveel had u er goed?

A.The Barones, Everybody Loves Raymond

B.The Waltons, The Waltons

C.The Sopranos, The Sopranos

D.The Conners, Roseanne

E.The Jeffersons, The Jeffersons

F.The Partridges, The Partridge Family

G.The Huxtables, The Cosby Show

H.The Walkers, Brothers & Sisters

I.The Tanners, Full House

J.The Bradys, The Brady Bunch

K.The Fishers, Six Feet Under

L.The Seavers, Growing Pains

M.The Bunkers, All in the Family

N.The Pritchetts, Modern Family

O.The Ewings, Dallas

P.The Bluths, Arrested Development

Q.The Simpsons, The Simpsons

R.The Keatons, Family Ties

S.The Jacksons/Drummonds, Diff’rent Strokes

T.The Cleavers, Leave It to Beaver